Firstly, if you noticed the header change – I am trying to find a neat way to thank donators to the comic!

So I thought… why not thank them on every page everyone reads?
This way people know that I appreciate everything they do!
So thank you Harley H-A. for your generous donation~

Now, I haven’t gotten very many donations, but each one I’m greatly appreciative for.
As you all know by now, this comic is 100% free to read online!

So… Why should you donate?

Think of donations are your way of showing me, as fans and readers of this comic, that you appreciate everything I do!

Sometimes I get comments on here/deviantart/Tumblr asking me “Why does it take you so long to update?
Please keep in mind that I do not receive payment from an outside source, nor do I charge to update this comic.
So I can only work on pages outside of my other paying gigs… like commissions~

You could say that this update was 100% fueled by my recent donation. XD;;

Think of it this way – if you read this comic, and enjoy everything I do, why not throw me a $1 a month?
Only $1, Donna? What’s $1 gonna do…?” Exactly! $1 is more than you think!
$1 a month is $12 dollars a year for me. If ten readers did this – I would be getting $10 dollars a month for the comic!
That means I would be getting $120.00 a year for the comic… Which would cover my hosting fee’s!
On the plus side, a simple donation will give me more incentive to update the comic more regularly!

I’m also considering opening up a Patreon… it would cover a general basis of my illustration rather than Dark Souls.
But I hope when I do start it, that my readers will embrace it too… Same thing – a buck gets you exclusive sketches and unposted art!

Anywho, onward to the 2nd part of the free talk – CHAPTERS!

I finally got off my arse and made chapters for the comic. You can see them on the sidebar as the “Duke’s Archives“.
This allows readers to go to particular chapters in the comic. Did you want to re-read my adventures in Blighttown?
Well you can find the first of those pages easily by using the Duke’s Archives!

[it’s also scary to see how many pages Anor Londo got… 101 total pages! hahahaha!]

Alrighty, I’ve ranted enough! Thank you for the support and please enjoy the comic!

♥ Karniz