This is something that’s arisen quite often of late.

I’ve been getting messages on both the comic pages [which don’t get published], and my Tumblr asking me to update this comic more often
[one being more forward, as: “You should work on this 100% you need to finish it and move on to Dark Souls 2.”…]

Now, that’s really wrong on multiple levels mainly:
1:) It’s rude.
2:) You have no idea what I do in my spare time, when I even have any
3:) I don’t earn anything from this comic, so I lose money when I work on it.
4:) It’s… quite simply – rude!

Now, I understand as readers you guys want to see me keep chugging away at this story cuz’ you like it or you think it’s interesting or you’re having a good time or you like my art!
I 100% understand that! And I LOVE IT! But trust me – *I* want to keep working on this comic! I wish I could work on it all day and keep busting out updates like a madman!

But in the end of the day it comes down to this – I don’t earn money from producing this comic.

I am a freelance illustrator. My primary source of income comes from the Commissions that I do, or if/when I go to a convention the prints and illustrations I sell there.

So think of your normal work day. You go to work [if full time], eight hours doing the grunt work, then afterwards you get home to relax. Every two weeks you get a paycheck that, for the most part, remains the same. I don’t have that luxury. If I don’t work, I don’t get paid. So that’s why I take on commissions, and they take up my eight-hour work day…
[please keep in mind that due to medical reasons I haven’t worked on commissions since early this year. I do plan on reopening them once this issue resolves itself… Heh.]

So asking me to take time to working on this comic and to update more often is like me asking you to take a day off from work, but still GO to work and DO all the work, and not get paid.
It’s a tough decision, isn’t it?

Sure, sure… it takes me about an hour per page… That isn’t much, is it?
So that’s a maximum of three hours a day I’m taking out of my working schedule to work on comic pages.
But that also doesn’t take into account the time it takes me to produce an update illustration, a newsletter image, and updating the general comic site itself.
So add another four hours to the fray.

That’s seven hours it took me to push out a three paged update.
Let’s say you normally get paid ten bucks an hour at your job.
So that’s 70 bucks right there in a day, not bad right?

Alas, I see zero dollars at the end of the day… See?

This comic is a labor of love. I draw it because I want to. I work on it when I can.
If you enjoy reading this comic and want to help me out, instead of telling me to update more often, how about you show me some love?
How? Well, for one… I take donations. I’m not the kind of person who sits there and begs for people to give me money, that’s the LAST thing I want to do…
I never want anyone to feel obliged to donate. But hey, if you read this comic and enjoy it, why not throw me a dollar?

What’s a dollar gonna do? Well, I estimated that if every regular reader gave me a dollar A YEAR it would help pay for the hosting fee’s for my domain, which is 90% this comic.
You wanna throw a little more at me? Well then, mister/missy! You’ve just earned yourself a drawing! [and I won’t take no for an answer…]

Because I enjoy being transparent, at this time the total amount of donations I’ve received has paid for a year of site hosting, for 2014! Which is awesome and GREAT! XD
[I did recently receive a generous donation which I will properly thank said person for!]

But that’s only been five people so far. Five. Heh…

Anywho, I don’t want this to get too lengthy… [Shush Karn… it already has.]
I’ll just leave it as donations are a small way to show appreciation for what I do. No matter how big or small.

Thank you all for reading.
Please enjoy the new pages!
[mwahahahahahaa… DRAGON BUTTS!!!]

♥ Karniz