Whoa there, nelly.

So as usual, forgive my recent absence. I really do have a good reason for it, one that I already hinted at, [I think people thought I was kidding since I posted it on April 1st… well, ha!] but anyway… I’m back now. And in FULL FORCE MODE YEEEEAAHHH!

Wow! Firstly, WOW! There have been an immense amount of support sent from donator’s to the comic that I’ve been able to cover my website’s hosting fee’s! This is incredible! I want to thank each and every one of you, and I have… with the addition of the new “Donators” page!

The other thing that I was able to throw together is a full fledged FAQ for the comic!

So please… please for the love of all things holy, read it before you ask me a question in the comments.
I’m about 110% sure noone will, but please. I beg of you. I’m really sick of answering the age-old question of:
Did you beat Dark Souls yet?


Anyways. One thing I’m going to strive for is a scheduled update! Three pages each Monday. Again, I said I’m going to *try*… currently I do have the next twenty pages already thumb nailed… so let’s hope I can crank these pages out now that I’m feeling better! Yee haw!

Alrighty party peoples. Enjoy the update! I had a lot of fun drawing it… hehe.

♥ Karniz