Hi there!

So I at least wanted to make a post…
“It’s been a month Karniz…”
Yeah, yeah, I know; but I have reasons!
“Sure, you *always* do…”
No, these are reasons fo’ real. Valid reasons.

Firstly I reopened commissions. So sadly paid work comes first!

I’m going to *try* to put some time aside to work on comic pages between updates. But sadly they’re probably going to probably be sparse…

Which brings me to the main reason: I hurt my wrists.
No, no… before you think it’s anything dire; it’s probably arthritis and/or carpal-tunnel.
Which makes working on art… painful. So I can only really sit for a couple hours a day and work before it get’s unbearable.
SO… I hope to get enough rest in while being able to work on commissions and personal projects that they’ll eventually heal on their own.

For now though… I’m trying to take it easy. So I thank all of you for your patience and enjoy the update! XD

♥ Karniz