… Dropping a summon sign and getting picked up by a person who always jumps off the ledge constantly.

I kid, I kid! It’s actually quite fun. Just takes a lot of my time… hehe.
Thankfully The Boy [that’s how I refer to my kid, just so you know] has been getting better at staying consistent with naps and sleeping thru the night. SO HOPEFULLY, HOPEFULLY I’ll be able to work on this a little more in my spare time…

spare time, what’s that hahahahahaha


Seven pages. All done throughout the last couple of months… yeah. It stinks, but I gotta pay the bills first and foremost! XD;;

I won’t make any promises, but I’d like to have this comic done sometime in the near distant but probably far far future. Big wishes, but it’s at least a start! Thank you all that’s stuck around and kept reading the comic, my love goes out to all of you! /big hugs

♥ Karniz