Hiya folks!

Firstly I want to thank you all for being so patient with me! I have gotten some very nice [and some very rude…] messages letting me know that you guys actually care about me as a person! Hahahahahaaa… isn’t that sad to say? Anywho.

So I finally threw out an update. And I do plan on trying to get back in the groove of getting pages done – with YOUTUBE AND TWITCH!

For those that do not follow me on those platforms, I am currently trying to get back into the swing of drawing by working live on Twitch and then uploading the time lapses on my Youtube channel! Yay! Hehe. Wanna watch me work on some of the latest pages? Have a looksie!

Also if you want to see some other videos I’ve collaborated with check out my brother-in-law’s Dark Souls III videos!

So go ahead and watch me on those platforms if you want to keep up with updates and watch me work on pages!
I also upload other types of video to my Youtube; either it being art or gaming. So hopefully that’s your cup of tea~

And thank you to those that have understood and stuck around. I do plan on finishing this comic…
Please understand that working on this is more for me rather than a contest to get popular. It’s never been about that.
[besides, how else can I tell my stupid story? Hehe.]