photo_me1aThe mastermind behind Karniz’s Many Deaths in Dark Souls. Donna plays Dark Souls with the intention that something always bad will happen to Karniz. Thus cataloging her many various deaths in an illustrative format [and because video would be taxing on her time]. She primarily plays offline, but probably will change that when the PC version comes out…

Her favorite character type is a hybrid, primarily focusing on pyromancy. When she isn’t falling down cliffs, getting one-shotted by Black Knights [with their @#$%*ing Greatswords], or being ganged up on by basilisks – she enjoys her off time working on other art projects as well as cooking savory dishes and gardening.

Some still believe that Donna is still in the process of playing Dark Souls, but truth be told – she beat the game back in 2012. So please stop believing that she has no idea what she’s doing or that she’s stuck on a particular boss. This comic is a COMEDY/PARODY  COMIC, and is meant for your enjoyment. So please stop sending her advice, or calling her a n00b. This is just a comic meant for amusement.

[She has also played and beat Dark Souls 2 as of 2014. There are no plans at this time to continue the comic into Dark Souls 2.]

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Karniz, the poor soul…

Karniz as seen in Dark Souls

Key things to note about Karniz: Started off in the hallowed world as a Pyromancer. Favorite foods include dirt, blood, and sweat. She enjoys sprinting quickly through the passages in Anor Londo [avoiding the guards], luring other hollows off the sides of bridges, and blocking crossbow bolts in her free time.

Karniz is level 80-something and is currently parked in NG+ in the Undead Burg [on PC]
Donna has no intention on continuing her play through.

• Being a Pyromancer, she can be seen with Fire Orb at the ready, but keeps Combustion close by.
• Likes Sorcery too, preferring the Homing Crystal and Fall Control…
[helps prevent many more useless deaths]
• Has an Estus Flask of +7
• Always seen with Domhnall’s helmet. Don’t ask…
• Spends 90% of the time looking like bacon as an undead.
• Doesn’t like using melee weapons, but when she does it’s normally Quelaag’s Furysword. [Started off with the Axe, and still holds onto it dearly…]
• Keeps her  Pyromancer’s Glove of +15, and can be seen punching random hollows with it.
• Has a HUGE crush on Laurentius, so she won’t let him go hollow, ever… [EVER…]

The armor she will wear changes based on the situation called for. Prefers the Pyromancer’s Set, Paladin’s Set, Ornstein’s Set, Xanthous Set, Sages Set, and Moonlight Set.

By the way, don’t feel bad for her when she dies. It probably happens to you too.  ♥

About Karniz’s Many Deaths in Dark Souls

Karniz, feelin' pretty...

This comic started sort of as a fun thing to do while Karniz was playing the game.

The origin strip was uploaded on Tumblr during her anticipation of Dark Souls‘ release and it sort of went nuts from that. It was followed by the first actual comic, showcasing her traveling partner Torcen’s handicraft at redecorating.

Noticing that there was many others like her, she decided to work on the comic more diligently. Sadly, this meant the start of the comic didn’t actually start till she was much farther into the game, but that will be remedied when she starts up NG+.

Many, if not all of her Dark Souls-related material are uploaded onto her Tumblr.

After hearing about the PC port, and because she wanted a more stable place to keep this comic, she decided it was time to create a site just for it.
Currently the comic does not have a update schedule. But it’s usually Sunday’s. Join the Mailing List to get updates via e-mail, or follow me on Tumblr/Twitter/Facebook for updates as well!

Some people have asked about the fate of Torcen, and what happened to him in general. Torcen, in Donna’s eyes, is dead. Forever lost to the abyss. She would love to one day draw a comic showcasing Torcen’s final death, but it isn’t worth it in her eyes. Donna has also moved on to better pastures, and is much happier in her life.


The Dogs

There are two dogs featured in the pages of the comic… they’re my dogs. Cecil and Charlotte. Cecil is the big dumb looking one, Charlotte is on the ground wanting a belly rub. This is normally how I find them.

Unfortunately, due to reasons hinted above, Donna no loner lives with these dogs. They will forever remain in the beginning of the comic though, because she loved them dearly.


From Donna, “Thank you all for coming and reading my silly comic! I hope it’s a fun read, and mostly that you can relate to the things that happen in my journey in the land of forgotten kings and dead giants.”