Hey there. Long time no see, right?

Well, yes, I understand I haven’t updated the comic since… June. I have reasons. Life reasons!
Thing is – Kyuzo and I journeyed into the most difficult level in life – New Game+, essentially.

Yeah, we made a small human.

So yeah, I haven’t been feeling good lately because I was preggers. Thankfully that’s over… But now I have sleepless nights. Wonderful, right? Gyahahahhaa!
But fret not… the comic WILL resume! Just other things took priority during my time in the last couple of months [like completing commissions and other personal projects] but the comic is NOT DEAD and is NOT UNDER HIATUS! Nope!

I will resume updates soonish.
Soonish could mean in a week or in a month.

As soon as I figure out what this lil’ demon wants from me

Also, yes, the little one will shoot his arms skywards – as if to… Oh, I don’t know

Praise the sun?