Firstly, thank you EVERYONE who donates to Karniz’s Many Deaths in Dark Souls!
Your contribution helps me, at the very least, pay for maintaining the webspace/host/domain!

{ due to obvious reasons, only nicknames and/or initials are going to be used on this list and not the amounts donated }

Current donator’s to the comic since 2014:

  • J.G.
  • J. V.
  • D.R.
  • H.H-A.
  • F.A.
  • C.F. – A subscribed donator! He’s the best. ♥
  • J.S. – A repeat donator. So much ♥~
  • C.B. – Thank you Illustration.
  • R.M.
  • J.S. – Working on thank you illustration!
  • H.S. – Thank you illustration.
  • L.B.
  • K.H.

Because of your generous donations, currently the following things have been covered/paid for:
Domain Registration for 2015, Website Hosting for 2015~2017PAID FOR IN FULL! ♥

And because of this, I will make it my deal to try to get a schedule going for the comic!
I’d LOVE to go back to updating every Monday! Does that sound good, three pages every Monday?! XD

Wait, I get a sketch drawing when I donate?!

Yes, based on the amount you donate I will personally send out an e-mail asking you for content for a free drawing.
[The amount donated does affect the type of illustration received!]