Nobody’s perfect – mistakes happen. I’m included!
In this page, I’m listing any inaccuracies that either I or viewers noticed in the comic and have the wanting to let me know~
So yeah, why not make fun of my mistakes as well as my many deaths? Hee hee hee!

NOTE: This page will contain spoilers! Read at your own risk! :D

  1. Goof: Continually I illustrate the Battle Axe [Karniz’s weapon of choice] wrong… Count this as artistic interpretation!
  2. Inaccuracy: You cannot obtain Havel’s Armor until you go into the basement in Anor Londo – yet Karniz is wearing it to battle the Sentinel upon entering Anor Londo!
    Answer: This is actually sort of stupid… That particular part of the comic was drawn AFTER I beat the game – I just simply forgot the timeline of how I obtained particular armor!
  3. Inaccuracy: You cannot enter the Duke’s Archives until after you obtain the Lordvessel! Yet Karniz goes in and fights the Mecha Boar!
    Answer: Heh… See answer above, and chalk it up to simple forgetfulness!
  4. Inaccuracy: They’re Silver Knight Archers – why do you draw them as Black Knights?
    Answer: This is a multiple-choice answer. Firstly, everyone calls them Black Knights. [Goto google, type in “Black Knight Archer”… you get tons of results! :D] Secondly, when I was in my playthrough of the game at this point *I* believed they were Black Knights. This was in late October 2011 people. Plus, I don’t really like to look at Wiki/Walkthroughs until AFTER I beat the game. So *now* I know they’re Silver Knights – but it’s more fun this way. You’ll see why later when I venture deeper into Anor Londo! ♥

More will be published as they’re pointed out to me~