I dunno why we should celebrate my first death… but it was bound to happen! Kehehehee…
But yes… For those that haven’t yet – if you were a subscriber to the mailing list [Orange Guidance Stone… XD;;] then you would have seen the update back on the 23rd!

Yep, I did a sneaky update… two pages before, and two now!
So yes…  if you haven’t already – subscribe to the Mailing List to get the most up-to-date news on the comic! Did I also mention that you get a exclusive doodle not seen on my site/tumblr/anything?
Just a little incentive… hee hee hee!

Alright! Enough of the boring news… now for something a little off kilter:
I will be taking about a week off starting the 30th. Why? I’m moving~ Wheee…
I’ll try to make an update next week, I have the pages ready… just need to find the time to actually do the update itself.
So yeah~ Wish me luck… if you follow me on my Tumblr you’ll probably get more indepth news on what’s going on in Karniz-world. Hehe…

Alrighty my fellow Lordranians~ Enjoy the update and Praise the Sun!

♥ Karniz