Firstly, I have to thank the amazing Senpusha over on Tumblr for helping me get the whole site back and running.
Didn’t notice? Well, long-story-short; I changed website hosts. So I have to move over the comic… and well, that was too much for this artist to manage.

Sen walked me through the whole process… and BOOM! Everything’s back like nothing ever happened~

That doesn’t mean there won’t be lil’ mishaps here and there. If you see anything broken, please let me know!
[Make a comment to this post of anything broken you see and I’ll fix it right away!]

Okay… now let’s see if I can’t get an update to you guys sometime tomorrow… /rolls up sleeves

Thank you all, as always, for reading and supporting this lil’ ol comic of mine!

♥ Karniz