Yup. I get speed run. Why you ask? I need to be done with Anor Londo.

I mean, I’m still going to die PLENTY of times to Ornstein and Smough, I won’t deny my readers that pleasure…. hehehehe.
But I’m done with drawing Anor Londo.

I really am. /laughs

But yes, now you get more of a taste of Kyuzodomo… is he a cunning mastermind or just a suicidal maniac?
You’ll have to wait till next week… Hehe!

Ohyeah, you’ll notice a grand change in the BGs of some of the panels… I stopped being lazy and took some in-game screenshots so I could reference them while I drew the backgrounds.
Yay for accurate backgrounds~ /dork

But yes, lately I’ve been working on doing some more t-shirt designs… Currently, I’m working on one that features the Painted World~
For those that don’t know, I do have a Redbubble store where I sell my art on shirts – and so far the majorty of them are Dark Souls related!
[I personally own a couple of my own shirts, and I do like the print quality… the shirt itself is decent… At least they come in nice colors. Ha!]

I must ask, are there any particular character(s) or area you’d like to see on a shirt?
Honestly, I’d like some input on this, because I’d really like to make some more shirts! And more buyers! Hehehe…

[maybe one day I will see someone other than myself or my beau wearing my art on their chest… ohohoho~]

Thanks guys and enjoy this update!