Thought I’d use this little area as a free chat section for the comics I post each… err… “month”. Har har har.

But yes, I finally summon people! XD
To be brutally honest, in my first playthrough on PS3 [back in… 2011…] I never summoned people…
I know I summoned Solaire and Lautrec for the Gaping Dragon… And I think Tarkus for the Iron Golem… Not sure.

But yes~ Bomar, and [FAP] Ravioli are friends of mine on Steam… I’ve got a funny story to tell about Ravioli later though in the comic…
it involves DLC content. So a LOT further in the future! Like, Kalameet future… Heh.

[Oh, and then there’s Kyuzodomo… if you follow my Tumblr, you know all about Kyuzodomo… ♥]

In all honesty, in the comic, I can’t wait to GET THE HELL OUT OF ANOR LONDO.
I think I’ve already hit 60 pages of Anor Londo… GRAARHHGHH!!
[correction – 69… I just checked. /cries]

So yeah, see you on the next update!

Feel free to leave any questions or comments here~ I’d be happy to answer them!