Oh lookie day! I finally got off my arse and gave the Illustration Gallery some content!
most of the stuff that’s in there are illustrations I’ve done in relation to the comic!

So expect lots of Karniz’s, and Kyuzodomo’s… hehehee.

Also some NPC/side-characters that I did. Because I’m silly. Heh.

Every image is linked to the original place where it’s been posted. Basically, my Tumblr.
[That way if you wanted to reblog it, you can just reblog it from the source!]

Hey, Karniz, where’s that backlog of comics you were promising us?

Yeah yeah… I know, I know! I get busy with life/commissions/projects/etc but I do plan on playing some art-catch-up!

Anywho. I plan on at least doing ONE more update before the new year! So happy holidays y’all!

♥ Karniz