Hey there guys!

I noticed I hadn’t posted an actual text-update in awhile! hehe.
Guess I’d let’cha know how I was doing? Yep!

Firstly – busy with commissions! I work on those mainly because I need to fund my artistic lifestyle somehow.
And since the comic doesn’t pull funds, I gotta get them from elsewhere! So there’s that…
[remember – I do take donations. So, if you like what I do, throw a dollar my way to say thanks!]

And talking about donations – thank you, greatly, to the extremely generous Soundwave for his donation!
I still need to do something for him… He mentioned me doing something with his character and Karniz triumphantly taking down a boss!
That will be fun! I’ll have to take some time to do that one of these days…


Other than that, I did a few Dark Souls II boss illustrations… I still technically need to play catch-up…
[there’s some linked in this post! But make sure to check out my deviantART gallery for more!]
But those’ll be on the back burner while I work on more pertinent personal projects and paying gigs!

I’m also going to try to get a backlog of pages ready so I could do weekly updates.
Imagine that! Three pages EVERY weekend! Wouldn’t that be fantastic?!

I think so. So let me know if you think that’s awesome, and it’ll help push me to work more!
[because feedback is everything to artists.]

Thank you for sticking around and reading this labor of love.

♥ Karniz